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Diagnostic Testing at TNCS

Once your application to The New Community School is complete, we'll schedule diagnostic educational testing. This testing will be followed by a feedback appointment with school personnel. At the feedback session, we'll discuss the results of the testing and the Admission Committee's determination of the appropriateness of the school's program for the student.

Typically, our students have average to above average intelligence according to previous intelligence testing submitted by the parents. In addition, students show language and math skills test results that are discrepantly low in comparison to their intelligence. In other words, despite their excellent capability for learning, their development of skills in reading, spelling and writing and/or math is often weak. By knowing more about a child's learning profile we can determine whether or not we can meet that child's learning needs.

Signs of Dyslexia

  • Poor oral reading skills, dislike of reading or low reading comprehension.

  • Poor spelling and handwriting.

  • Extreme disorganization and trouble following directions.

  • Difficulty with math and letter/number confusion.

  • Difficulty paying attention.

  • Increased emotionality.

  • Self-esteem problems.

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